Hunting Waterfowl

  • Resident Small Game License
    $ 21
  • Resident Small Game Combo
  • Nonresident Small Game License(one day)
  • Youth(under 18) Small Game License
  • Colorado Habitat Stamp
  • Colorado State Waterfowl Stamp
  • Colorado State Waterfowl Stamp

A Hunters Safety Card is required to purchase a license in Colorado,a copy will not be accepted,it must be your original card.All Colorado waterfowl hunters born on or after Jan. 1 1949,must have a card to purchase a license in the state of Colorado,no exceptions will be made with license clerks.Goose and duck hunters in Colorado are also required to sign up for the Harvest Information Program,otherwise known as HIP before their license is valid.This number is on the physical license and must be called in,or registered online prior to hunting waterfowl in the state of Colorado.Colorado nonresident goose and duck hunters may also purchase a license online by using a credit card at

In the state of Colorado You can only use non-toxic shot when hunting waterfowl, for the complete list click this link to see all avaible non-toxic shot. The U.S. Fish and Game have alot of oter information as well on there website.


  • Resident Annual (16 and Older)
    $ 26
  • Nonresident Annual
  • Small Game Fishing Combo
  • 2nd Rod Stamp
  • One Day Resident
  • Colorado State Waterfowl Stamp
  • One Day Nonresident

Colder Weather Outfitters is not responsible for providing, carrying and or selling license’s. All hunters and fishermen are responsible for providing and or buying there own license. All hunters and fisher’s must carry on them at all times there license and also if hunting there stamps and hunter saftey card. Colder Weather also does not sell any license’s.Colder weather is not responsible for any tickets, inofrmation or for anything that may happen if the proper license is not carried by the member, guest or visitors.

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